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Proudly Canada's largest manufacturer and distributor of quality tree planting equipment.


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We've been working hard the last couple of years upgrading our planting bags. Previously we introduced our Easy-Flow flagging tape pocket  plus our super supportive 3 layer waist padding with centering buckle.

This time around, brings our biggest upgrade EVER! Introducing our CINCH BELT! 

  • Fits waist sizes from 22" - 42" on our 3 pouch bags! 27" - 42" on our 4 pouch bags.
  • Rapidly adjusts to any waist size. Doesn't matter if you have to add a jacket or take it all off. You'll be able to have your bags as tight as you want and get planting right away.
  • Easier than previous versions to get on, put them on with the belt loose and then tighten to your liking.
  • Adjust how much weight is on your hips instantly. Some like more weight on their hips others more weight on their shoulders. This system lets you easily decide.



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