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Speed spade SS - PC 270
Speed spade SS - PC 270

The most widely used shovel in Canada just got better! Introduced in 2013 Bushpro's new rivetless shovel got fantastic reviews. With the blade and shaft permanently fused together this makes for the most reliable shovel on the market and we back it with a life-time warranty against defects. Don't worry length can still be adjusted from 34" to as little as 25.5".


Want it customized? Many of our dealers now carry custom shovels but if they don't just ask them to order one in or contact us at 1-888-601-2665 or mike@bushpro.ca.  


Strength matters!

Quality has always been our biggest focus and to date we have surpassed the competition. Every batch is tested to ensure it survives before it hits the field.


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